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bogen xformer in 5e3 for 16 ohm spk.

3/31/2006 1:17 AM
soundcrafters bogen xformer in 5e3 for 16 ohm spk.
Has anyone used a bogen output xformer in a 5e3 ?  
I have some old jensen 12's but are 16 ohm and the bogen ot's have 4,8,16 taps.
3/31/2006 2:10 PM
made on from Bogen CH20.  
Works well.
3/31/2006 2:59 PM

Haven't tried a Bogen OT, but I just finished building a 5E3 with the crappy OT from an old Japanese Lafayette stereo, mainly because it has a 16 ohm tap. It sounds very nice. If your Bogen OT is designed with the proper impedance ratio for use with push-pull 6V6's and is rated for at least 10 watts, it should sound pretty good I would guess. Certainly worth a try anyhow.
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