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11/16/2005 3:55 PM
Does anyone know were I can get a pair of Harma output tubes in the US. Have read about them and would like to give a pair a try but cann't find a US outlet for them.  
11/16/2005 4:21 PM

Aren't they just another rebrander of tubes? If so they may be chinese tubes or something like that. Get a pic of the tube you want, and compare it to the common brands and see if there is a match.  
I don't know for certain on this as I have never seen them. But Chris probably knows all about them.  
11/17/2005 12:20 AM
I believe they are the house brand for Watford Valves and only commercially available through them. They use modern available tubes and match test them before branding.  
I have no experience with them.
11/17/2005 2:49 AM
Mark Burness
The only Chinese tubes Watford Valves sell are sold under the TAD brand. Harma tubes may typically be JJ, Svetlana (SED) or Sovtek/Reflector depending on specific tube/designation.  
Tubes are comprehensively screened/matched which puts them rather higher up the ladder than some of the more opportunistic rebranders & resellers of tubes, some of which seem completely incapable of supplying a matched pair of output tubes.
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