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Okay, So what does this tone mod kit do?

10/12/2005 9:02 PM
GaryW Okay, So what does this tone mod kit do?
I haven't been following this post but it intrigues me.  
So what does it do?
10/13/2005 7:12 AM
Chris/CMW amps

Hi Gary  
It does give you more control on the lower volume/cleaner sound settings; on the stock 5E3 overdrive does start pretty soon and lots of folks are having some difficulties with the adjustment range.  
The sound will also be somewhat more controlled/slightly tighter in the low-end when dimed.  
Hope this helps, just give Bruce's kit a try when you're living in the USA.  
10/16/2005 11:37 AM

Woo Hoo....I just completed Bruces mod...if you dont have it, you should get it! Much more even control of the volumes ,cleaner on the normal channel and the bright is your standard 5e3 tone...the distortion when cranked actually seemed a little smoother. I love it.
10/16/2005 3:52 PM

I'm going to be ordering the kit this or next week, I'm just wondering what to expect. My stock Mission kit can't be used in my apartment without my mini-mass. When it comes on (just under 2) it is already at eviction volumes (I could just crank back on my guitar volume, but I don't).  
Will the vol/tone mod allow me to bypass the mass for clean as can be, but bedroom volumes?
10/16/2005 5:17 PM

You will have much more 5e3 would Blast with the volume on 3 or 4 but now the volume ramps up nice and even. And the tone is better too.
10/16/2005 7:46 PM
Bruce /Mission Amps

The tone/vol mod will help quite a bit with the odd response curve of the stock 5E3 volume controls, but what you should also try is a pair of 6K6GT power tubes and a single 8 ohm 15 watt resistor plugged into the aux speaker jack.  
This is a mismatch for 6K6GTs but the speaker will only see about 3-5 watts and the power amp can be driven pretty hard.  
The nice thing is that the 6K6GTs are still stupid cheap and are a pin for pin swap for 6V6s... even though they aren't the same tube.  
10/17/2005 6:29 AM
TD Madden

This may fall into "your mileage may vary" territory.  
I finally got around to installing the mod-kit this weekend.  
I play humbucker-equipped guitars exclusively, an older LP Studio and a Guild Bluesbird, with a lot of neck-pickup use.  
I have two older Mission Tweedies, one with the chrome chassis stock circuit (except for the addution of the "Paul C mod"), JJ 6V6s, NOS 5Y3, and a Celestion Blue. The other is about a year newer, with stainless-steel chassis, Paul C Mod, and (new at that time)a "super" OT I got from Bruce with both 4 and 8 ohm taps. (Both amps have the 10-watt bias resistor and the zener diode in-place.) This amp uses 6L6GC tubes, with either a 5V4 or Weber GZ34 CopperCap, running into a Reverend AllTone. Both amps behave very much the same (the newer one of course is beefy and louder), with the well-known volume-control interaction and fast volume ramp-up to overdrive beginning around 2.  
I decided that the newer amp would be the platform for the tone-mod.  
The installation was straight-forward and simple.  
After the mod, both channels were brighter (in about the same ratio as before), but the channel interaction seemed gone, the lows were greatly decreased, and it actually seemed to have lost some volume (maybe due to the decreased lows)....I admit I was surprised by the results. I'm not sure whether I'll keep the mod, but will play with it for a few days before I decide.
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