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crackle and popping form 5e3, help!!!

6/10/2005 12:52 PM
crackle and popping form 5e3, help!!!
i just got a homebuilt 5e3 in the mail today and was hoping for the wonderful tube glory. but if i crank the volume over half way i get tons of crackling and popping that is very apparent in the signal any ideas of my problem before i go drop at least a hundred bucks on an amp tech. could it be a loose wire or something damaged from shipment, im not very electronic friendly and im very unhappy at the moment because im broke and my amp is too.  
please help!
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6/10/2005 1:28 PM

I left you a reply on the WeberVST board that might give you some areas to look at.
6/10/2005 6:00 PM
Please be sure you know how to safely drain the filter caps prior to poking around on your amp.  
They carry enough stored voltage to kill you.  
Forgive the comment if you are already knowledgeable on how to do this.

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