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Re: Need inexpensive 6V6GTs for 5e3x2. JJ or EH?

3/8/2005 6:25 PM
Erwin Re: Need inexpensive 6V6GTs for 5e3x2. JJ or EH?
Thanks Micheal. That's very generous and I appreciate it. Eventually I'll have a bunch of spares lying around to go with my old motorcycle spares.  
Never found an expensive hobby I didn't like.  
I'll pick up a quad locally and go for the goods when I can.  
Cheers, and thank you too Bruce for the input.  
3/8/2005 8:55 PM
Casey Sackett

FWIW the JJ's are a more durrable tube, are built like a tank, and can handle higher voltage.  
As far as tone goes, I really like the JJ's in my 5E3 and keep a pair as a backup. If all the NOS dried up tomorrow I'd be fairly happy with the JJ's and I can't say that about any other new manufacture tube. I do know a few guys that prefer the EH's over the JJ's though. Tone is such a subjective thing.  
Hope this helps,  
3/10/2005 1:12 PM

I agree with Casey. I just put the JJs in mine and I am delighted. I do a lot of repair, and my new standard 6V6 is now the JJ - because of the same reasons he mentioned (rugged, and sounds good). People usually don't mind spending a just a few more dollars to get something that is considerable better in my opinion. And so far I like the JJs as good as NOS. I also liked the 6V6EHs. I think you would be happier with either. I have not tried a quad of the 6V6EHs in my 5E3x2. I do not hesitate to use either the JJ or the EH in deluxe reverbs, and they can be pretty hard on them.  
I buy the tubes in matched quads and prefer matched tubes because I like the idea of an amp firing on all cylinders at the same rate, and I like the added screening you get when you buy tubes that are matched. The screening done by different vendors varies too - some are better than others.  
I have the chinese 6V6s tubes and don't care for them - I just don't trust them to hold up. One of mine was at 60ma on my 5E3x2 while all the others hovered around the 30ma range. I knew the tube would not last like that. Ted sent me another one and the current all wound up being in the 30ma range then. I *do* like the other Chinese tubes I use (the 12AX7s, 12AT7s, and various 6L6s). I don't like the older sovtek 6V6s either (the older ones that look very much like the current chinese ones). I feel these tubes are less reliable than the newer 6V6EH and JJ designs.
3/10/2005 9:22 PM
Tonight a friend is bringing by a matched quad of JJ 6V6s. He sells locally and made me a good deal. Also, tomorrow my boss is going out to the transmitter site and will bring back some old 12AU7s that are in the way out there. Really low gain but I'm curious about them.  
I borrowed a Telefunken 12AT7 from my other amp and put it in V1 and put a JJ ECC83 in V2. The Telefunken sweetened things up but the V2 swap didn't make a difference I could hear. Maybe I'll put a Telefunken 12AX7 in V2. Lastly, I'm running a WR4 copper cap rectifier.  
I can't wait to plug the 6V6s in.  
3/14/2005 3:37 PM
Erwin Re: Like them fine!
I'm working evenings the next few days and today had three hours to play before coming in. At lower volmes there's not much difference between the Weber-supplied 6V6GTs but run the amp up over 5 and the JJs really sing. Noticeably more open, airy and "chimey."  
Great value and comparable to the EH's in cost. Maybe I"ll try them too.  

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