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Re: 5E3 Volume Comes on Fast

2/26/2005 9:28 PM
Re: 5E3 Volume Comes on Fast
I never jumped or A/B'd the channels, so I did a trick in a homebrew I built years ago that helped the controls a bit, and reduced noise a bunch in the preamp. I did this in a different chassis, so I didn't drill into a real one...  
1)Pick a single channel, and remove the wiring to the other one (plate/cathode). Change the cathode R/C for use with one stage. You can dink with the pwr supply resistor a little if you want to get the B+ the same... Now the unused volume control wont have the noise from the unused tube mixing in when you use it.  
2) The difference in the two channels has to do with where the tone pot is. I put the input to the tone circuit on a switch, and then switch it between the working channel and the unused one. This gives you a mic/inst switch so you can have both sounds from a single channel (and you don't have to unplug)  
3) Since the unused volume control can't work as a volume anymore reverse the outside wires on the pot. This changes the taper making it work over a wider range so you can use it better as a tone control with the other channel.  
4) if you want to use a 12AX7 a 56k/56k split load resistor setup will get you to about the same gain as the 12AY7.  
This gives you a single channel amp with less noise, a mic/inst voice switch, and a better second vol/tone control.  
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