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Tweed Harvard Chassis or Kit???

2/2/2005 9:14 PM
Peter L. Tweed Harvard Chassis or Kit???
I plan to build a Tweed Harvard 5F10, but couldn't find anyone making a Harvard chassis.  
Bruce: do offer / plan to offer a Harvard kit?  
Why I want a Harvard: I love the Tweed Sound for Jazz (Wes played through a Deluxe on his records), but the Deluxe is way too loud for home practice levels (a friend has one) and the Tweed Champ I built goes into crunch way too early (of course) when playing chords, even at low volume levels.  
Best wishes  
2/2/2005 9:52 PM
Bruce /Mission Amps

Well, Scott tells me his modified 5F2A rips with a single small bottle 6L6...  
check the thread:  
The only other newish tweed amp I'm working on is the 5F11 Vibrolux which, like the 5E3, is around 12-14 watts too but uses a smaller 10" speaker and has vibrato.  
2/3/2005 6:42 PM
Howard Parks

I'll bet one of Bruce's kits would satisfy your itch, but you might also contact Dan at Tubegarden, who appears to be pulling out of the kit business but says he still plans to offer the Harvard as a kit, perhaps on a limited basis. Good guy.  
Howard Parks
2/3/2005 8:07 PM
Peter L.
Hi Bruce,  
thanks for the info, I didn't know you offer a Hyper-5F2 kit ;-)  
Could you post the full range of kits you offer, please. From your website I had the impression you offer the 53e and the Scholar.
2/4/2005 3:33 AM
I recently saw a web site that sells a Harvard kit, but I can't for the life of me figure out which one. If I remember, I'll post it here. I do know that one exists.  
2/4/2005 3:50 AM
Gord Found it!!!  
Take care,  
2/4/2005 8:01 PM
Bruce, 5F11 vs 6G2
I'd love to build a tweed amp with trem and I noticed that the 5F11 circuit is very close to the brown princeton (6G2). How different is the 5F11s tone from the tweed tremolux (5e9)?  
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