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Re: 5E3 original O.T.

1/28/2005 7:52 AM
Re: 5E3 original O.T.
That's some useful information there Jan. I'm always on the look-out for NOS surplus output tranneys.  
2/5/2005 2:35 PM
mark h

I Have an original January 1960 (JA) tweed deluxe and the ot is a schumacher p/n 125a1a dated 606 949 making it late '59 manufacture. Hope this helps...M
2/5/2005 3:01 PM
Dave K

My December 1955 5E3 has 50246 on the OT. I have a later 50s Tweed OT that just has 0246 on them and they have plastic wire. The 55 has cloth wire.

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