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5E3 original O.T.

1/27/2005 5:02 AM
5E3 original O.T.
Can anyone tell me what brand ot Fender used in the original 5E3's?  
1/27/2005 7:05 AM
Hi Danny,  
I am not sure about manufacturer, but I saw several 1953 Fender Deluxe Amps on Ebay with original OT with a T538 stamp.  
One of the sellers says it is 71246 OT.  
May be those numbers helps.  
I'd guess TRIAD?  
1/27/2005 9:45 AM
James P
I believe most 5E3's were equipped with the Triad 6452 throughout the production run.  
James P
1/27/2005 5:04 PM
Al Lang

Try Mercury Magnetics. They sell trannies made to vintage exact spec's, expensive but very good. Paste this: Al
1/27/2005 11:01 PM
Denny What about Heyboer?
What about Heyboer? I see they make them, but didn't list a price on their site unless you contact them. Anybody here buy and use one of their OT's?
1/28/2005 9:49 AM

Heyboer tranny's are the choice of most of the 18 watt crowd. One of the commercial guys over there, GDS Amps (I think) is the dealer. I can't find them elsewhere. I don't know if he's exclusive for them or not. There's a link to the 18 watt area from the front page here.  
A place called Triode Electronics has a store on Yahoo and sell a nice variety of US made tranny's.
1/28/2005 4:21 AM
Jan Re: 5E3 original O.T.
Iam still interested in posted question.....  
that's right, Deluxes were equipped with Triad 6452 transformers, but these are power transformers. I believe till 1955 they were mounted in stand up position, since 1956 in lay down position, still Triad.  
Im still not sure about OTs, but from what I found several times on Ebay, it seems, till 1955 they used 71246 output transformers, since 1956 they used 50249 OTs. But I am still not sure, my research is still not over.  
any other info on this topic?  

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