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Mission 5E3 Question

1/26/2005 2:00 PM
Al Lang
Mission 5E3 Question
I bought a Mission 5E3 kit from Bruce when he was using the Mojo 761 PT and the 15v Zener. I went through the usual tweaking, 6L6 mod, Zener in out mod, high low voltage switch, PT and OT changes. All these changes are fine but I am finding out the 5E3 sounds it's best the way it was designed. So my question might be for Bruce as it's his kit...? I have put my Mission back to stock, except for the following: David Allen's Deluxe upgraded OT with 4 and 8 ohm tap (I believe it's rated at 25 watts), One DTDP switch for Zener in or out and power trail from 5K1 to 2K7, 10 watt 270 ohm biasing resistor. These are the major changes besides the bright mods too. One can see with the Allen OT I have the correct impedance for both 6L6s and 6V6s and the correct voltages for these two tubes. I just replace the 5Y3 for a 5V4 switch the speaker jack to correct impedance, and throw the switch for correct voltages for either tube. My question is: I am trying to decide to put back the MM59 OT, make the amp completely stock with just the bright mod , will the tone be very close to what I have how when running 6V6s? Basically the only difference will be the Allen OT vs the MM59 but on the down side I won't be able to run 6L6s. Maybe I'm just looking for some thoughts..? Al

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