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Tales From The Workbench

11/18/2004 4:42 PM
Moe Ron
Tales From The Workbench
I finished up a 'special' 5E3 yesterday & fired it up. Voltages were a tad high with only the rectifier in, but no obvious errors. I threw in the other tubes & lit her up only to see the smoke being released from the first power resistor.  
It seems that in my haste, I had tucked the OT secondary wires out of the way & failed to solder them to the octal sockets.  
I hate when I do stupid things like this. :-)  
Anyone else have any recent adventures in tube amp building?
11/18/2004 5:11 PM
Chris @ CMW amps

- wrongly poled e-caps ( BANG!!!!!!!!!!! )  
- forgot to solder B+ to circuit  
- wrong pins tube-sockets  
- forgot to connect speaker  
gotto stop now or I spoil my fulltime bizz :D  
:) Chris
11/18/2004 6:31 PM

On my latest project, Mission 5F4, I was trouble shooting some noise issue. (turns out the OT wire colors were reversed on the layout) but, in my haste to resolder some connections, I dropped a glob of solder down into one of the power tube sockets (where the guide pin goes). Eventually it acted as a conductor between two pins on one of the 6L6's. The power resistor caught fire and the tube socket was scorched. Tube took a bit of a hit as well. ;)  
That was my biggest mistake so far.
11/18/2004 8:18 PM

a bit costly - accidentally connected one side of the PT filament wire to ground. it fired the PT with heat and smoke and smell.
11/18/2004 9:59 PM
Moon Cricket
once, i attempted to put a fuse in to a peavey mixer/amp that i didn't know was plugged in to a wall outlet!  
nice shock was had in front of the owner of the device, who had shown up to retrieve it from the shop where i worked. his wife was standing there too and she jumped and said, "oh!", when i recoiled from the amp.
11/19/2004 1:09 AM

OK, we're all friends here.  
A guy brought me his Seymour DUncan bass amp for a bias adjustment. I plugged it in to verify operation and we were listening to it. The I decided to take the top off to access the adjustment pot - while it was running. All went well until, as I moved the cover aside, I dropped one of the screws right into the works.  
Naturally smoke and destruction resulted. And naturally the owner was standing right there watching. Fortunately I had the power transistors in stock, but it took a couple days to find all the burnt stuff and make it right.  
That was the last time I ever saw that guy.
11/19/2004 2:31 AM
Carl Gigun

Not at the bench, but earlier this week I was helping a friend load in at a bar with a bunch of stairs up from the street. Had a few beers before and ended up tripping on the stairs and dropping his freshly retubed twin reverb on it's face on the stairs in front of me. Evil looks and a hushed search for a guitar and cable to test the amp followed, but luckily no harm was done.  
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