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5f4 grounding

10/1/2004 1:00 AM
scole 5f4 grounding
i was wondering how you guys are grounding to the brass plate. looking at the fender layout, are you grounding each individually or chaining them and running one wire to the brass plate?
10/2/2004 4:13 PM
is there any pictures of the ground circuit in one of these amps?
10/2/2004 6:19 PM
Bruce /Mission Amps

Scott I use the brass plate as a large combination ground buss, star ground.  
The only difference is I try to connect all the negative leads of the filter caps under the board and a single lead from there up to the brass plate.  
My high voltage winding's center tap is is connected at the eyelet of the negative lead of the first or second filter cap and right on the board.  
10/2/2004 7:49 PM
so its ok to link all the grounds together and run one to the plate?
10/2/2004 8:03 PM
Bruce /Mission Amps

No I didn't say that.  
10/3/2004 1:13 AM
so only the filter caps are linked and the other grounds go to the plate, so i will have about four ground wires going to the plate?
10/3/2004 5:51 AM

that's the way I did my 5E3. I haven't gotten to this point on my 5F4. I'm just planning on running them up there 3 or 4 I guess.  
I like to put several big globs of solder along the bottom edge of the brass plate. Makes it easier to tie into later.
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