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5E3 with 2x10's....which 10" speakers?

9/25/2004 10:50 PM
Darren Burt
5E3 with 2x10's....which 10" speakers?
I'm thinking about building a 2x10 baffle for my 5E3 clone.  
I have a 30w alnico Blue Dog in there now, but I'm just looking for something a little different. I love the way the amp sounds clean and moderately overdriven, and the speakers I'm looking for should be chimey and punchy, but also have a nice, tight and twangy bottom end.  
I have 6L6s and a 5V4 equivalent Copper Cap in the amp, and I mostly play a DeArmond Starfire Special (kind of a cross between Dynasonics and P-90's), and I keep the amps volumes turned up about 3/4 of the way. I go between clean and dirty with the guitar's volume knobs and my picking dynamics.  
What 10" speakers (or combination of) would fit the bill?  
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9/27/2004 6:02 AM

I'll report back in a week or two if you are still looking. I am working up one of Bruce's 5F4 kits with a 2x10 combo cab. I picked up two of the new Eminence Copperheads. But, I'm not sure yet how they will sound. Should be a good match, at least on paper. I'll let my ears judge soon and report back.
9/29/2004 9:21 AM
Bruce /Mission Amps
So far the ultimate tone for me with the 2x10 cabs has been a WeberVST 10A100T mixed with a 10F125.  
For those that don't know:  
10A100T = P10R with vintage mid 50's tweaked tone (sounds like a real one).  
10F125 = C10Q with smooth mids and tight bottom end plus, no harsh or shrill overtones like the reissue Jensen C10Q can have.  
The 10A100T has the classic vintage P10R plucky sound and still adds the saxy-reedy overdrive tone but the 10F125 stays cleaner longer and holds it all together like glue.  
If I went into production on the 2x10 amps, I'd use the AlNiCo WeberVST Sig 10 S speakers (ribbed cone). They sound great but are not very expensive.  
For the upgraded models it has to be the 10A100T with 10F125, even though one is AlNiCo and the other Ceramic.  
9/29/2004 7:40 PM
Bob Arbogast
FWIW, I'm very pleased with a 30W 10A125 (P10Q) and a 30W 10A125-O (P10QR) in a "Super Deluxe" (i.e., 5E3 with bigger transformers, 5U4 and 6L6's).  
Bob Arbogast
9/28/2004 4:50 PM
Re: 5E3 with 2x10's....which 10" speakers?
Hey Darren,  
I used 2 Weber AlNiCo Signature series 10 inchers. One is the standard Sig10, the other is a Sig10S. They are housed in a solid mahogony cab with a birch baffle. I love it, as well as everyone who has heard it and played through it. They are 15w speakers connected in parallel. I used these since I had a tight budget, but I am very impressed with the build quality and tone. I would recommend asking Ted what would fit your bill. I asked him what combinations he would use for what I wanted, and the set up I'm using is one of them. I gave him a budget to work from as well as what I wanted and it is almost a perfect match.  
Good luck and let us know what you choose.
9/28/2004 8:36 PM
Darren Burt
Ted suggested 10F150T's...
I emailed Ted and told him what I was after - the spank, punch and tight bottom end of a blackface. He suggested two 10F150T's (I think it's a C10Q), or for a more british slant, one 10F150T and one 10F150P (C10Q with a Blue Pup cone).  
As I already have two (very British) Marshall 18 watt clones, I think I'll try the 10F150T's. Anyone here have these speakers?
9/29/2004 6:35 AM

Sounds like I'm looking for the same thing you are but in a 12".  
Just finished my 5E3 (with a little help from Bruce - thanks Bruce!) and I've got it hooked up to a single 30W ALNICO Blue Dog in another open back cabinet at the moment. I've also got a Greenback in that cab so I'm going to switch over to that in a couple days and see how I like that.  
The one thing I noticed w/ the BD is a total lack of, as you say, spank, punch, and tight bottom (and this is the bridge of a Tele - albeit w/ TexMex Tele PUs versus Vintage style) - love the highs and mids though. Not sure how much of that is the speaker, the amp, the tubes, etc.  
I need to give Bruce a call and discuss maybe retubing or switching out a couple components but after I get some more time under my belt and give the GB a shot (promise I won't keep you as long this time Bruce).  
Anyway, I'd be really interested in what your outcome is so let us know!  
PS - Can someone please post either a link or the instructions for the "Less Bass Mod". I've got a couple boost/OD pedals that allow me to cut bass/cut treble and cutting some bass by way of the pedal seemed to help so maybe that's what I need to concentrate on.  
Tried searching the forum but couldn't come up w/ anything. Anyone know how long the threads are archived here?

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