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Re: 'Course, they're 100 ohm, not 100K ohm resistors

9/23/2004 4:39 PM
bnwitt Re: 'Course, they're 100 ohm, not 100K ohm resistors
really I'm not offended. I was just wondering what I did to piss you off. As I said, I have been learning from your posts and that's what I'm about but it did seem like there was some contempt within your words or something. Keep posting, clarifying and if I think something that ain't right I appreciate feedback.  
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9/23/2004 5:03 PM
Carl Gigun

Okay, cool. I'd hate to see this place get pissy and personal like so many other internet forums, so I hope I'm not coming off that way.  
For your peace of mind - I'm very much a real person named Carl Gigun. I've always posted with my full name and home email address, if anyone finds something I say annoying they're totally welcome to email me and tell me so. If you look where that screwdriver picture is linked from ( ) you can see my wife and I and the kickass german shepherd puppy my wife's parents gave us in May. I'm definitely not anyone's ex wife.  
9/24/2004 9:51 AM

Hello all - Being new to this I did make a mistake in my original post , I meant to to say 100 ohm resistors not 100K, I never thought a mistake like that by someone new, as I am, would make for such intresting and informative reading. You guys really know your stuff and I consider myself fortunate to have this forum to fall back on when I need help. I just started another build, if someone would like to see some pics of my firt I would be glad to send some, its a little bit out of the ordinary. I may hold off a while on my 3rd one, every time I start a new amp we get another Huricane.  

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