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100 k resistors

9/18/2004 12:36 PM
100 k resistors
hello - I am almost finished with the final wiring on my first 5e3. there are a few things that I would like to get clear befor I button it up.  
1- Bruces layout shows 2 100k resistors between the 22uf 63v resistor and 6v6 pins 2&7. the layout I have does not show these. Do they have to be there & if so how many watts are these resistors?  
2- The zenor diode bruces layout shows is not with my kit or on the layout. Im using a hammond output trany 272bx that says the center tap (red&yellow) is 0v 100mv DC. The 2 reds are 300V. Do I need this diode?  
3- My output tranny has 2 wires a black & a green that I dont see on any of the layouts I have, are these not used?  
Any info or advice will be greatly appriciated!  
Thanks ; JOE
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9/18/2004 12:47 PM

I will E-mail pics to anyone who would like to see My wireing for comment or constructive critcisum, or just to see the chassis I made to fit in a Fender Deluxe 90 cab.  
Thanks again ; JOE
9/18/2004 2:39 PM

Yes #2 on my original post should say "power" tranny 272bx. Sorry - Im another newbie - Joe
9/18/2004 2:56 PM

Joe, I too am finishing up my Mission 5E3 kit and had similar questions. I'll pass on Bruce's answers to me as he seems to be out of pocket right now.  
Bruce's kit no longer uses the zener as he now provides a voltage correct transformer. Also, he now uses a trio of 16uf caps instead of two 20's and a 15 like his old layout shows. He discusses this in another thread below from a week or two ago.  
For the 100K resistors, he said to twist one lead from each resistor together and solder to lug '8' of the 6V6, then one of the free ends to pin '2' and the other to pin '7'. You don't have to run them in line as the old and current layout shows, See photo IM000152.JPG on his URL for a somewhat fuzzy photo of the approach. I believe the green lead from the 22uf/63V to both pin '8's completes this part of the circuit. I'd be glad to forward the emails from him if you'd like.
9/18/2004 3:23 PM

thanks Ron - yes like I said any info I can get is appriciated, go ahead and E-mail me anything you think might be helpful. I got my kit from Dan at tube Garden and hes been really helpful and more than willing to anser any questions. Im so close now but the few things I have left Im not sure about. What is common knowledge to bruce, dan & some others is not so clear to guys like me & you.  
Yhanks : Joe
9/18/2004 4:18 PM
Paul This thread answers both questions
9/18/2004 5:21 PM
Paul Sorry about that, Chief...  
Here's the thread...

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