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Which 5E3 channel do you use most?

7/25/2004 2:14 PM
DD Which 5E3 channel do you use most?
That's my question.
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7/25/2004 2:48 PM
Bruce /Mission Amps

Always plugged into the bright channel.  
Volume at around 3 or 5 up to 7 and with the volume of the normal channel around 8-10... depending on my mood.  
Tone control at 5-8.  
With humbuckers all bets are off :)  
9/13/2004 11:00 AM
Mike P
Bruce & DD, For the record, I use my LP (w/humbuckers!) in the quiet input of the bright channel (vol-2-3), with the Normal channel at 9-11 (depending on how clean I want it to get-higher is cleaner on the normal ch.), and the tone from 9-12 with a greenback spkr. My favorite setting is where the two volumes are at 9 & 3 o'clock respectively (Br/No), but I find the volume elicits some rather stern looks from the rest of my band, sigh...but the tone! The Tone! My Tweedy rocks! Thanks, Bruce!, Mike
7/25/2004 3:17 PM
Same here!!!
7/26/2004 6:34 AM
Chris - CMW amps

Bright-channel hi-input  
BrightVolume between 3 and 7  
Tone between 4 and 7  
NormalVolume between 0 and 11 ( lower is more dirt :) )  
7/26/2004 9:54 AM
Jammin' John

Brite channel..........volume 5 - 8 tone 4 - 6  
8/15/2004 7:13 PM

plug into Bright #1  
Volume #1- 10  
Volume #2- 6  
Tone at 8  
I use a Bill Nash Telecaster and roll the volume and treble off with the guitar according to the song. Seems like the ultimate setup to me for blues and rock. Smooth sustaining ovedrive when I need it and if I go to the middle or neck position with the pickups I roll the treble up on the guitar. I got several compliments on my tone last night with my Burriss 5E3!  
My Burriss 5E3 has the Paul C mod, a choke, a Celestion G12H (for efficiency), and a 5V4 rectifier... It rules! :)

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