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Re: Good tools for the shop

6/14/2004 11:59 PM
Dr. Photon
Re: Good tools for the shop
Yeah, these are all good tools; I mostly use my meter and my scope. Sometimes I use my fuction generator to inject signals or to find something's frequency response (a very basic one will do, you don't need any fancy modulation options - I never used mine for guitar amps). A variac, an isolation transformer, and a dim bulb tester are all very usefull tools.  
The one thing that hasn't been mentioned yet is a brightly lit area. I work in my garage, under several flouro lights, I also have a small 50 watt halogen desk lamp, and I make very good use of my AA MiniMag on my keychain.
6/15/2004 8:56 AM
Bruce /Mission Amps

LIGHT!! Excellent point.  
My 8' bench has a pair of 8' fluorececnt lights hanging 3' above me, a moveable 60 watt draftsman type lamp and my 6" maglens with built in round fluorescent lamp plus two flashlights.  
Sometimes I need them all on... ok most of the time.  
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