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Just Joined the 5E3, Please Welcome Me!

6/5/2004 8:09 AM
John C.
Just Joined the 5E3, Please Welcome Me!
Hi guys, I finished my Mission 5E3 kit  
3 (late) nights ago. Slept only 3 hours  
and went to work with a natural buzz and  
a smile they couldn't shake!  
Gots a little hum but the amp sounds and  
plays as described here on the forum.  
I am going to try 12ax7's in v1 and v2  
today and see how that sounds. Thanks  
to all of you and esp. Bruce-the-Man!  
You can just call me Johnson from now-on!
6/5/2004 8:49 AM
Chris ( CMW amps )

Hi John(son)  
Bruce is the man and this forum is great , friendly and very helpfull .  
Late nights are very common over here too just like the buzz and smile .  
A warm welcome from a dutch amp-builder ,  
6/5/2004 9:22 AM
John C.

Thank you.
6/5/2004 9:37 AM
John C.

I guess I should say which speaker  
I put in the 5E3. I chose a Weber  
12A125-0, 30 watt. A Hybrid that is  
warm, crunchy, earlier break-up)  
Like a Jensen P12Q with a straight  
cone. (P12QR) by the way, because  
I am newer here, you can call me John  
or you can call me Johnson, or you  
can call me Son...
6/5/2004 12:46 PM
Steve L

Congratulations on the build, and welcome to your new home away from home. You'll find lots of interesting and informative info here (I know I have), and 3 hours sleep will become your norm.  
I built mine as a head with a seperate 5e3 sized extension cabinet, loaded witha Weber Blue Dog (12" ceramic, 50 watt) so that I could use it with other amps as well. I am thinking about an AX84 next, or maybe a High Octane.  
I needed another hobby like a hole in the head :-)  
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