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finishes over tweed

5/25/2004 9:34 AM
finishes over tweed
I did a search in your data base and couldn't find any info on materials/procedures for putting a finish over tweed material...  
What are you guys using out there? Appreciate the input!  
5/25/2004 10:46 AM
Chris ( CMW amps )

Hi Cole  
I did use a mixture of 50% amber shellac and 50% alcohol ( 98% ) for finsihing a Mojo cab .  
It was a lot of work ( mixing and finishing ) but it does have a nice aged look ( stock it was like a new Peavey Classic 50 ; way too white/yellow imho ) right now .  
Next cab I'll order will be finished to save some time .  
Hope this helps ,  
5/25/2004 10:50 AM

I appreciate your info & reply. As an old house painter of many years, I think can handle this!  
Thanks again!  
5/25/2004 11:21 AM
TD Madden

I've done two that way.  
Some folks have suggested starting with a coat of clear shellac/denatured-alcohol to seal the seams and corners, followed by a couple coats of the amber-shellac/ancohol blend. Use some fine steel-wool on it between coats.  
If I was to do it again (no, thanks!), I'd do it that way.  
After it drys well, put a couple coats of paste floor-wax on it to minimize the glass-rings... :-)  
Good luck!
5/25/2004 3:05 PM
Chris ( CMW amps )

Hi Cole  
You're welcome .  
All credits to Bruce , his shellac-tip and this great forum .  
I'm more into elektronics ( :) ) but it was a good experience working with this stuff , I even did start "custom-painting" some CMW-cabs .  
Have a good time and keep on buildin' & rockin' !  
6/5/2004 2:53 AM

You're most certainly welcome. By the way, I wouldn't try Bullseye Shellac uncut on raw wood, just on the cotton tweed like another guy mentioned. It would need thinning on raw wood, but it's a great combination sealer and finisher on wood, too. Definitely not as durable as polyurethane or varathane, etc., but maybe mo' purdy. It's really rich on cotton tweed. Almost takes on a rich, dark-leather look.  
5/29/2004 10:23 AM

I did my tweed cab 59 Bassman reissue (but re-wired point to point, now) cab in Bullseye brand (by Zinnser) amber shellac...straight on, no thinning, no nothing, about three coats with a good paint brush and it came out great, for my's dark, about the color of dark tea/light coffee, and I think it's very beautiful, much more vintage looking than the whitey/blondey stock tweed fabric.  
I plan to use it on other amps 'cause it came out beautifully.  
You gotta spread it out quick, though, 'cause it dries to touch in about five to 10 minutes, which is another reason why I love it. Great stuff, very high quality material, in my opinion.  

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