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NEW Hi-Power 5F1 X2 amp kit in the works

5/22/2004 11:37 AM
Bruce /Mission Amps
NEW Hi-Power 5F1 X2 amp kit in the works
OK... have a new project going with Ted Weber/WeberVST and need a little feedback.  
Ted and I were yaking the other day and came up with an idea to use the 5F1 Champ chassis but build it with two 6V6s in parallel for twice the output power.  
The 5F1X2  
In order to do this, we are using a different PT that uses a FW bridge recitifer in solid state.  
This allows us to use the old rectifier tube socket for the other 6V6!!  
The OT is about twice the size of the standard champ OT and has a 4 and 8 ohm tap.  
That way a builder could use the standard 4 ohm speaker or two 8 ohms in parallel or one 8 ohm speaker.  
The other idea is to use a Champ cabinet as normal but to have the baffle made up with a 10" speaker instead.  
This will not be a kit that I source the parts for but instead I am just heading it up like the 5E3X2.  
I love this idea.  
What do you think?  
5/22/2004 12:21 PM

That sounds like a cool idea.  
Which PT are you going to use for this project? One of Weber's?  
The only thing I'd like to see is Weber offering a 5F2-A Princeton chassis so that builders could put in a tone control.  
I'd say a 10" speaker in the cab would be minimum, 12" would be even better. Maybe a bigger cab?  
5/22/2004 6:06 PM
Bruce /Mission Amps

The 5F2a will be in a few months late this summer.  
For this 5F1X2 project, I'm using the  
5/22/2004 8:09 PM
I love this idea. Paralll class A champ! Yum
5/23/2004 8:05 AM

One of the best sounding vintage amps I've played through was an old Gibson Discoverer amp that had the Gibsonette circuit (6V6 PSE) in a cabinet with a 12" speaker.  
5/22/2004 6:50 PM
Andy G
I have a silver face champ that I been wanting to  
do the exact same thing to. Would it be possible?  
I was thinking of using one of those weber chassis  
mount rectifiers and upgrading the transformers.  
How much more power would parralelling another 6v6  
produce? Would it sound like a princeton?  
5/22/2004 9:55 PM
ted m
Cool Bruce!  
I'm interested, if it will handle dual 6L6WGBs!

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