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Re:Gibson bobbin dementions?

9/12/2004 10:39 PM
Mike Turk
Re:Gibson bobbin dementions?
They would be 50mm.
And now, a word from our sponsors:

9/13/2004 3:11 PM
Mark Hammer

Dave's absolutely correct about the risk of damage, which is why I recommend using a PU you don't care about. The quality of the potting on cheaper pickups will be such that you can probably unwind the outer layer with ease. The HARD part will be dealing with the slime from cheap covering tape with crap adhesive and making sure you don't tear the start of the coil while trying to avoid that slime.  
The easier solution is probably to simply buy an inexpensive replacement pickup (or well-made one if you have the bucks) that is designated as having fewer windings.

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