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8/19/2004 3:45 PM
Jeff G
What are the measurments for "Fender" or "F-Spaced" pickups. 52mm?
8/21/2004 10:22 PM
Dunno about "F" spaced (isn't that DiMarzio?), but Seymour Duncan's are called "Trembuckers" and he posts the dimensions here:
8/22/2004 1:00 AM
Jeff G.

I read somewhere online that F-Spacing means "Fender-Spacing." I dunno why - I guess they created it to suit newer trem systems like the Floyd Rose? From what I've gathered since my original post, F-Space is the same as the Trembucker, etc. Since 52mm is 2.04 in.; and, according to the SD picture, 0.414 x 5 = 2.07 in., I'm thinking 52mm is "F-Space" and/or "Trembucker Space" dimensions. That's what I was after so I know if the 52mm bobbins are the right ones to fill an order an "F-Spaced" pickup.  
I learned something here, so that's good.
8/22/2004 9:42 AM
Josh Pardes

yeah 52mm is the one. F-space (a dimarzio thing)actually stands for Floyd-Rose spacing but pretty much applies anything with a trem. The Newer Schecter Guitars need F-Spaced bridge pickups even though they are fixed bridge using a tonepros.
8/26/2004 3:44 PM
I started and concluded a long post on this a while back.  
Fender spacing is 52mm OR 52.5mm depending on the manufacturer.  
99% of Korean parts makers (don't think allparts manufacture in the US despite the red, white and blue) sell at 52.5mm or 50mm
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