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Re: Active Pre-Amp question

4/22/2004 5:16 AM
Eric H
Re: Active Pre-Amp question
Mark, did you actually take a look at the preamp?  
There's no mention of boosting in the data, it's primarily a VERY versatile eq and active mixer. As Sheldon pointed out there are input trimpots.  
4/22/2004 7:09 AM
Fred Hammon

Eric...I supose you mean me...  
Yes Sheldon was right. It has trim pots.  
Here's a photo.  
It just may work. The 15 dB boost thing got me a little worried. It may work after all..  
I had him try it with his outboard unit, might of been an Aguilar and it was overkill for sure. My pickups have alot of output. I haven't actually measured one yet but it's something along the lines of a Gibson sidewinder - without the mud.  
I'd still like to know more about that Impedanz-Wandler.  
Thanks everybody.
4/22/2004 1:18 PM
Sheldon Dingwall

Fred, I think you'll be alright, but a quick email to John East would give you an idea of the input limits.  
I'd be surprised if he didn't anticipate someone using the pre-amp with a set of EMG pickups at some point. EMGs have about the hottest output going.
4/23/2004 12:14 AM

You're right about the hottest output with te EMG's, but they have the build-in pre-amp, that's on the double, i think, concerning Fred's question is as i understand it, is how to hold the charactor of the Black-Star P/U's in its own shape in combination with the active cuirquit like the J-retro in this case,without loosing frequences wich make the charactaristic might be another question....i might be wrong ???  
with regards,  
4/23/2004 8:41 PM
Mark Hammer

Not only did I not take a look at it (until now) but I didn't even clue in that this was a preamp system retrofit for a bass. That's an impressive little piece of design and machining.  
Let me be clear, I *LIKE* on-board preamps, but there are a great many devices that come between instrument and amp that don't. However, as long as there is enough clean headroom afforded by the on-board power supply, and as long as nothing between the instrument and amp is incapable of digesting such signals, boost away.

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