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Re: Insulating Strat bobbins.

4/8/2004 9:55 AM
Andreas Kloppmann
Re: Insulating Strat bobbins.
Dave and all: shorts due to tight windings: yes! It may also happen at the end of the coil.  
Shorts to the magnet: I think if the wire has electrical contact to the mag. , the magnet acts like a spring or a rubber pillow that smooths all signals down.  
loose or tight coil?: the more you loose - the more you gain! You get highest peaks with them.  
But highest peaks can be a pain in the ear and elsewhere.  
The best way is somewhere in between.  
Differce in tone: Yes, of course - it affects the tone, but it depends on the wire used. Some wires are very critical others not. Try the same kind of wire from different makers . . . . . neverendingstory.  
happy easter to ya all  
Andreas Kloppmann
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6/18/2004 4:01 PM
I run about 200 winds of unatatched magnet wire across the magnets to insulate them before winding for real.This works great and eliminates an extra process, involving laquer, tape etc.Its also a great way of using up oddments of magnet wire left on spools.

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