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Re: Insulating Strat bobbins.

4/4/2004 2:08 AM
Fred Hammon
Re: Insulating Strat bobbins.
I'm wondering if the PVA is attacking your wire insulation...I suppose you would have noticed with abnormal resistance readings. I doubt the problem is from over potting although I had to ask around to be sure myself.  
BTW I was potting the other evening and was late for as apointment and just pulled the pups out of the wax without wiping them down and put them in a tray. Later I spent twice as long as usual trying to get them clean.  
The last time I soaked a rag in Eco-House Extra Mild Citrus Thinner and wiped them down as they came out cutting my usual cleaning time drastically. My bobbins have complicated geometry and are a bee-hatch to get clean. With this thinner the wax wouldn't even cake up in the rag allowing me to use it on the 10 pickups I had potted. Groovy stuff. Smells good too.
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4/4/2004 4:21 AM
Jason Lollar

Some pickups i dont pot at all, others I do it depends on the design of the pickup and the circumstance that it will be used for, the good thing about vacuum potting is you can throw it in there for 30 seconds at a specific temp and pressure and get consistant repeatable results, more time = more penetration. It really doesnt take long to do what I usually do with it, you can cut the coil apart and check it- same every time.  
if you just want the outside layer you can do that if you want a little wax throughout the coil without actually solidifying it you can do that- if you want it completely solidified you can do that too.  
Of course you have to destroy alot of coils to be able to predict the results.  
I will have to try the citrus thing, i have always used paint thinner to get wax off metal covers.
4/4/2004 4:54 AM
Fred Hammon

So, Jason.  
Does "over-potting" kill the tone? Make pickups guff? You didn't weigh in.
4/4/2004 9:47 AM
Dave Stephens
there's a really easy way to get the excess wax off the pickup if you wren't fast enough with the rag wipe. Use a heat gun, the kind for stripping paint. You can blast just a small area to melt the wax shake off the pickup again or wipe it again, works for me......Dave  
PS. I tried Kloppman's technique of preheating the pickup before wax potting, but I'm using SK's strat bobbins for now which are full of holes and in 5 seconds you can totally solidify the coil that way with all the wax entering the inside and outside of the coil. Not a good thing for me....
4/4/2004 9:49 AM
Dave Stephens
just to follow up on previous message, maybe the old fashioned way of dunking a cold pickup into the wax pot may be the best thing, it worked for Leo....
4/4/2004 4:35 PM
Fred Hammon

I don't get the pre-heating thing. I put my pups in cold, let 'em sit there for about 3 or 4 min until the layer of solidified wax around them melts, then pull vac.  
What's the difference?
4/4/2004 5:47 PM
Jason Lollar

I like to have some microphonics and think they sound better that way- you can hear a funk to them that overpotting takes away but I am not adverse to giving people what they want and there is a small percent of people that want the crap potted out of thier pickups.

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