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Re: dumbass question

4/8/2004 3:22 AM
Jason Lollar
Re: dumbass question
Well working with CNC is another story!
4/8/2004 1:36 PM
Sheldon Dingwall

"I am using a CNC machine to machine the phenolic, and it is not too hard on tools, nowhere near as tough as circuit board"  
What are you using for a machine?  
What are you using for bits?  
What kind of feed rates?  
We have a Shopbot and recently burned out a high speed air spindle using it to rout circuit board.  
I replaced the air spindle with a Bosch router. It must be the increased torque, because even at a lower rpm 25K instead of 65K, I can maintain almost the same feed rates.
5/9/2004 10:34 AM
I am not personally using the CNC machine, I don't own it or operate it - I use a local service shop whose main business is signwriting and engraving faceplates for machinery.  
The phenolic I am using is much, much softer than circuit board, so a regular 1.2mm router bit is used, and the feed rate I would estimate at about 2cm/sec. As I mentioned before it is the epoxy phenolic that is very, very hard - similar to Corian or Micarta.  
"I am using a CNC machine.." was just short-hand for "I am taking my phenolic down to CNC shop and having them use the CNC to cut the phenolic to my specs"
6/3/2004 11:16 PM
Jeff Gillis

Do you want to sell me the air spindle?  
Can you tell me more about it?
6/7/2004 6:33 PM
Sheldon Dingwall

Sure, send me an email.
4/8/2004 10:04 AM
take a look at some of the drum cases out there theres forbon

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