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Re: Forbon?

5/6/2004 7:54 PM
W Gaska
Re: Forbon?
We stock many sizes of forbon tubing and can obtain any size you may need,
4/5/2004 4:26 AM
Well I built a set of strat pickups from hardboard. I had to sand the top part of the bobbin down to about a 1/16 and I soaked the hardboard in poly overnight and hung it up to dry the next morning. Did a little bit of fine sanding here and there and glued them up with magnets and gave them a spin on my winder. Have no idea how they are going to sound but will let you know soon. However they look normal! but looks aint everything.
4/5/2004 7:02 PM
Jason Lollar

Turning over the stamps to you- well imagine you took the time to draw up the design- handed it over to the cutter and paid for all the initial set up and maybe a few more setups to tweek it and get it exact so you have a few hundred dollars invested and then the cutter just gave the pattern to the next guy with no set up charge or they used your original drawings, youd be a little pissed.  
Now if its a stamp and its die cut those have a limited lifespan and you would be really upset if they let someone else use those.  
there are all kinds of alternative materials- Formica, acetate, circuit board, wood, I suppose tempered hardboard would work, I dont think it will take an eyelet like forbon. i have used all those in the past and I wouldnt go back..
4/5/2004 10:38 PM

Hmmmm ... a bit of a misunderstanding here, I'd say. If I recall correctly, Rob said that stamping is "better," in some way, but much more expensive due to tooling up, etc. I never asked if, or implied that they should give up the stamps, etc.  
Nonetheless, I got the quote back for the laser cut flanges a couple of weeks ago. There's a one-time engineering fee for them, but after that cost is based on quantity for the most part. Since I'm not having much luck finding what I'm after otherwise, I'll probably order a run.  
Again, you can get 1/16" Forbon sheets from ESPE in the normal colors (black, grey, rust, and white). It's my understanding that they will be receiving their stock from Japan in the near future (if not already) due to the challenges that NVF have had.
4/6/2004 4:21 AM
Jason Lollar

"I was surprised they weren't already set up to stamp the buckers since they've supplied other makers, but maybe they want everyone to pay the fee or they turn the stamps over?"  
I took that to mean something else I guess.  
Stamping would be cheaper in the long run if your doing thousands or tens of thousands of pieces but i have yet to see a stamped bobbin that had the quality and fit you can get from a lazer cutter. the other good thing about laser cutting is if you want to go in and make a small change in the pattern its no problem. Having 5-10 different patterns they cut is alot easier on the pocket book than getting stamps made.  
My problem getting forbon is i use alot of 3/32" for heavy duty bottom plates for special but its good to see a couple other sources for the 16th.  
Seems like Japan is taking over the manufacturing. Gurian alerted me to the NVF thing almost a year ago and I didnt see any evidence of it untill a couple months ago.
4/6/2004 11:54 AM

The Engineering fee that ESPE is charging me is only $45, and it's a one-time thing. To me, their overall cost on the laser cut flanges is quite reasonable and allows a "little guy" like me to get a quality product. They did leave a hole out of my pattern ... the one that the 26 gauge wire feeds through ... and you're right in that making the change to add the missing hole is easy and no cost in this case.  
I found these in my quest for red bobbins. Otherwise, I'm happy with the normal plastic stuff from SK, et. al. Apparently, the red Forbon is more of a rust color and the US supply that they have/had left is "oreo" built ... meaning red on white on red. Something to do with US environmental regulations and the way they were forced to manufacture the product. Rob said that the stuff from Japan will be solid red since they don't have the same restrictions. Maybe they'll supply other colors in the future?
4/6/2004 4:50 PM
Jason Lollar

I have seen the japanese stuff come in red, yellow, green, white. I dont know if thats a stock item or if gurian orders it special.

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