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3/12/2004 7:20 AM
Looking for info on this stuff is it different than tempered hardboard ?.
3/12/2004 8:08 PM
Jason Lollar

Totally different than tempered hardbord, right now there is apparently no US supplier as of about 6 months ago when NVF had a flood or something and the machine use to make the stock appropriate for pickups was damaged and they may not repair it. They are working on an alternate US made supplier but it hasnt come through yet. hopefully if all goes well it will be availible in another month or so other than that you have to get it from japan in huge quantities.  
If anyone knows of another US source other than what we have been using let me know.  
If you want to know what Forbon is look up Vulcanized fiberboard  
3/12/2004 9:49 PM

Right now, you can get 1/16" Forbon from ESPE ( I'm waiting for a quote from them on laser cutting bucker flanges out of Forbon. If you just want the sheet stock, the minimum order is something like 4 sheets at $16 per sheet. Sheet size is 25" by 40". I asked if he would cut them in half for me, and he mumbled something about them rattling around in the standard packaging material. They will cut them though.  
Apparently, they've supplied laser cut and/or stamped materials to Barden and a few others. He said stamping incurs a significant engineering fee that's not there with the laser cutting. I was surprised they weren't already set up to stamp the buckers since they've supplied other makers, but maybe they want everyone to pay the fee or they turn the stamps over?  
Anyway, they're being a little slow to get back with me (supposed to contact me today) but if they can cut them for $1.00 to $1.50 per I might get them pre-cut to save having to route them. I might could get the material cheaper overall, but I'm working on something a little different.  
They might be up for a bulk order, or special pricing on pre-cut flanges. I didn't ask at the time though.  
I believe he said they're going to start getting their stock of Forbon from Japan in the very near future. Maybe something to do with what Jason mentioned.
3/13/2004 12:17 AM

Check out Search for vulcanized fiberboard. They have two types in sheet form. I don't know if this is what you're looking for or not. Maybe one of the more knowledgeable guys could take a look and let us know if this stuff will work.  
3/13/2004 5:17 AM

I guess my next question would be can you use tempered hardboard to make vintage style bobbins ?. Would it work or is it to soft ?. The reason I ask is I have purchased a few sets in the past that looked like tempered hardboard. I have a friend of mine in the cabinet business and he brought me a box of scrap lamnet. I made a bobbin from some and it was pretty easy to work with but hard to sand off the finish. And you sure dont want a set of pickups that look like Moms counter top.
3/13/2004 2:34 PM

I don't think the hardboard would work to good at 1/16" thickness or there about, but I could be wrong. Jason can probably answer that. The bobbins that you purchased may have been made from phenolic, some of which will look like hardboard. I've heard of phenolic being used, and some of it is certainly hard/stiff enough for the task. If the laminate worked for you, that's great depending on the application. For a P-90 or something under a cover, you pretty much just need a form anyway, IMO. It might be a hard sell in general depending on the appearance.
4/5/2004 1:47 PM
Sheldon Dingwall

"right now there is apparently no US supplier as of about 6 months ago when NVF had a flood or something and the machine use to make the stock appropriate for pickups was damaged and they may not repair it."  
Crap! I didn't know about that. In Canada NVF has been bought by Synthane-Taylor. Who ever they are.
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