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making p/u for science project[6th grade]

3/8/2004 6:14 AM
twang dang
making p/u for science project[6th grade]
want to make simple pickup for my kid's science fair.planning on making simple,one string guitar from piece of 2x4.can i get enough material from local radio shack or electronic parts suppliers,hardware stores etc..
3/8/2004 1:18 PM
Adam Ziegler

Do you have a guitar amplifier? I know this seems like a basic question, but I had someone locally approach me about this, and they didn't understand why they couldn't simply hook up a stereo speaker to the pickup leads.  
But the sort answer is yes... get the smallest Magnet wire you can from RS. It usually comes in a package with a couple spools of different wire sizes. RS also sells rare earth magnets, which are tiny but powerful. You can wrap the wire around a BIC pen case, and put a NON stainless steel bolt through the middle. The Magnet goes on the end of the bolt.  
This IS a pickup... it will pickup the signal... it will not sound the bestů but neither does a 2x4 guitar ;-). The pickup may be a bit weak, but nothing an amplifier couldn't make up for. Your kid could experiment with what difference there is when there is no magnet, and when there is multiple magnets... you could also use different size wires and write about those effects... however with this design, your probably are going to only notice volume level.  
email me if you have any questions.
3/8/2004 11:32 PM
twang dang

Thanks,do have an amp & some guitar experience.Gonna give it a try!Perhaps more ? later.THANKS AGAIN

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