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Tony @ Mastertone Pickups!

3/3/2004 5:16 AM
Matt Wypijewski
Tony @ Mastertone Pickups!
I'm having loads of trouble getting a hold of Tony at Mastertone. I ordered three pickups from him about a month and a half ago and haven't heard a word since. Anybody know about this? Any help? Thanks for your time and sorry to post here but I feel it's a last resort.  
4/4/2004 11:31 AM
He passed away after a long illness.
4/5/2004 12:25 PM
Holy sh*it! what was wrong with him?
4/6/2004 6:26 AM
Dave Stephens
Alnico poisoning, Forbonitis, potted arteries, I'm not sure maybe just overwound. Sorry.....sick sense of humor.....Dave
4/6/2004 12:35 PM
sorry, but i think thats a bit out of line... Tony was a great person from all accounts, and made great pickups. i had bout one of his Jazz buckers last year. He was a great man, and its a real loss to the community. i dont think its something to be taken lightly.  
4/6/2004 7:56 PM
Mark Hammer

There are very few sick feelings in the pit of your stomach that compare to innocently asking how so-and-so is doing and finding out they're gone. Never had dealings with the man, but most of the pros here know each other, so I imagine it's the loss of a colleague not a competitor. My condolences.
4/6/2004 9:13 PM

If this represents your sort of humor, i don't like it, sorry
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