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Weird heat shrink

2/28/2004 1:47 AM
Sheldon Dingwall
Weird heat shrink
We've seen truss-rods with a plastic heat shrink sheath. The sheath is more like blue celophane than normal heat shrink tubing.  
Anybody know what this is or where to source it?  
2/28/2004 9:23 PM

Some makers use a carbon fibre surround encasing a rod to effect the way a truss rod bends under tension may be on the warmoth site but I cant remember where I saw it ... it might be what you'er looking at? Cant see how a heat shrink would apply/ be of use to a truss rod? Ps I'm usually wrong.
3/2/2004 6:38 PM

The Melvyn Hiscock book, "How to build an electric guitar", instructs to use standard heat shrink tubing on the truss rod. It does several things; it builds up the rod thickness to snugly fit in the 1/4" channel, fills the channel up a bit, and doesn't allow any excess glue to lock the truss rod in place. The truss rod can slide in the tubing when adjusted.  
I did it this way on my LP clone and it works fine.
3/2/2004 8:20 PM
Sheldon Dingwall

For us even the thin wall PVC tubing is too thick.
3/3/2004 3:24 PM

The truss rod mentioned in the book is one he makes himself out of a stainless steel rod. He then threads one end for the brass nut (10-24 IIRC), which is the same as a Gibson nut. I made one this way and it works fine. It was way cheap also. I used standard clear 3\8" (before shrinking) heat shrink tubing directly over the rod, after shrinking the whole thing was 1\4" OD.

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