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gibson L5 pickup DeArmond

1/25/2004 5:17 AM
Dave Stephens gibson L5 pickup DeArmond
One of the guitar storeshere wants me to repair an L5 Gibson DeArmond pickup, I'm supposed to pick it up next week. Any pix or specs on this one? Sounds like a cool project for me....Dave
1/25/2004 7:22 PM
Jason Lollar

that depends on which DeArmond model it is, its likely to be the same design as the harmony bass pickup, if its the red top, have fun!!!@! Wait untill you take that sucker apart and see how its wound. If its a foil or black top, still a PITA.
1/26/2004 3:16 AM
Dave Stephens
that would be cool if it is, I'd love to see one of those in person. It sounds like the outgoing cable has disconnected inside so it may be easy to fix (famous last words.....). Dave
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