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Does the Emg 81 have to be ground???

1/8/2004 4:56 AM
Frank Does the Emg 81 have to be ground???
Mine is buzzing like mad. I took it to a guy to fix it and he got rid of a lot of the buzzing but it seems that its still there. and each time I touch the pickup or the metal part of the chord plugged into the guitar the buzzing stops. any clues?  
Oh and im using an Epiphone 58 V with an EMG 81 of course. He said he talked to EMG and they said they do not need ground wires. Im totally stumped and pissed. help me please. \m/  
1/8/2004 5:25 AM
Dave Stephens
EMG has good tech support, contact them directly at:  
By phone  
+1 (707) 525-9941  
By email  
1/8/2004 5:53 AM
good idea. thanks!!!
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