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New & Important international support for Kerry

8/24/2004 3:18 PM
Amanda Huggandkist New & Important international support for Kerry
As if the integrity and political acumen of Hollywood- and Billboard-'s best is not endorsement enough, the following quote sums up the average Democratic sentiment towards GWB and ads another Iron-clad imprimatur on behalf of Kerry.  
From the article:  
Monday, the North Korean government fired back with its own volley of words, aimed directly at President Bush. Calling Mr. Bush "a political imbecile bereft of even elementary morality as a human being and a bad guy, much less being a politician," North Korea accused him of starting wars in Iraq and elsewhere "to commit genocide as he pleases."  
"Bush is a tyrant that puts Hitler into the shade and his group of such tyrants is a typical gang of political gangsters," the statement said,
It's nice to know you're in good company, eh?
8/24/2004 4:00 PM
A lot of Americans are calling Bush an imbilcile as well. And some even are comparing him to Hitler. So what's your point? You saying you like an idiot for a president?  
I'm a conservative and not a Democrat. To me Bush comes across as a complete moron. Millions of other conservatives feel this way and frankly are frustrated with Bush as a candidate. I think you are out of touch not to recognize this fact.  
But it is still almost a free country. Vote for an idiot if you want because it is your right.
8/25/2004 12:23 AM

Let's use Bush's tenure as Governor of Texas and his record of executions as a yardstick to measure his tyranny over that state. Listed below are statistics from the Bureau of Justice Statisitics. I have listed Texas, the state with the next most executions and the total in the USA for that year. I have also provide the percentage of total executions that Texas accounted for during the Bush Governorship.  
2000 Texas=40 Oklahoma= 11 USA=85 (47%)  
1999 Texas=35 Virginia= 14 USA=98 (36%)  
1998 Texas=20 Virginia= 13 USA=68 (29%)  
1997 Texas=37 Virginia= 9 USA=74 (50%)  
1996 Texas=3 Virginia= 8 USA=45 (7%)  
1995 Texas=19 Missouri= 6 USA=56 (34%)  
Total Texas=154 USA=426 (36%)  
Click here for the documentation:  
Note that only once in his tenure as Governor did Texas not lead the nation in executions.  
Note that only 37 out of 50 states have capital punishment.  
To date, 1098 Coalition forces have died in Iraq.  
To date, between 11660 and 13663 civilian deaths have been reported in Iraq.  
To date, 133 US Forces have been killed in Afghanistan. It is estimated that between 3700 to 5000 civilians have been killed in Afghanistan.  
Chew on this one for a while.
8/25/2004 2:03 AM
Harry Peratestes
Were these executions of innocent citizens or murderers voted guilty by a jury of their peers?  
Kudos to Texas for having the balls to follow through with a conviction.  
8/25/2004 6:59 PM
Yeah, we would be better off if we get rid of the violent repeat offenders.  
Now that you point it out, those numbers are kind of small, makes me not like Bush because he hasn't done enough!
8/25/2004 7:03 PM
1996 Texas=3 Virginia= 8 USA=45 (7%)  
What the hell was Bush doing that year? You figure theres got to be at least 300 people in prisons that should be deleted.
8/25/2004 8:51 PM

Election year.

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