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Re: Parallels to other wars and presidencies

5/7/2004 9:42 AM
Dave H
Re: Parallels to other wars and presidencies
Here's another parallel. ;)  
George Bush And Saddam Hussein: What's The Difference?  
Now that the American torturing of Iraqi prisoners has come to light, Iraqis can justifiably ask themselves what's the difference between Saddam Hussein and George Bush. Their answer, other than Saddam has a mustache and speaks his native language well, must be not much.  
During his regime, Saddam killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. George Bush has only killed a little over ten thousand Iraqi civilians. But give him time. He's only controlled the country for a year. If his occupation stretches out long enough, I'm sure he can amass a casualty list as long as Saddam's.  
Saddam presumptively arrested thousands of his citizens and had them tortured in the notorious Abu Ghraib prison and other outposts of his gulag. George Bush presumptively arrests thousands of Iraqis and has them tortured in the gulag he took over from Saddam. But George has outdone his rival. Saddam's gulag was limited to inside Iraq. George's gulag stretches from Guantanomo Bay to Abu Ghraib to Bagram in Afghanistan.  
Saddam was corrupt. He skimmed off profits from the U.N.'s Oil for Food Program. He rewarded kinsmen and loyal supporters with rich contracts and cushy jobs. George awards lucrative, no-bid contracts to politically well-connected firms and then looks the other way when they conspire to price gouge the American taxpayer. His underlings in the Coalition Provisional Authority cannot account for $4 billion in oil revenues and other funds earmarked for the reconstruction of Iraq.  
Saddam had "Baghdad Bob," the military spokesman who ranted imprecations against the American invaders and warned of their doom even as they were knocking on the gates of Baghdad. George has freshly scrubbed spokespeople in the CPA given to Pollyanna proclamations designed to convince us that the worse things get, the more progress we are making.  
Saddam held elections. Granted there was only one party and one candidate, but at least Iraqis had the experience of going to the polling place. One year after his hostile takeover of Iraq, George has not allowed any elections. But he has installed a panel of hand-picked puppets to preside over . . . well, it's not exactly clear what they preside over since all the power rests with and all the decisions are made by the CPA.  
Saddam gassed his own people. In the waning days of his war with Iran, Saddam used poison gas to kill approximately 5,000 Kurds in the city of Halabja. George has exposed his own troops, and the people of Iraq, to depleted uranium. The long term health effects of DU include birth defects, lung disease, kidney disease, leukemia, breast cancer, lymphoma, bone cancer, neurological disabilities, etc. How many lives will be affected by the DU used during this war? It will be years before all the damage is done.  
Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. A long time ago. But, oops, not any more. After a year of searching, no one has been able to find any Iraqi weapons of mass destruction despite pre-war assurances from our leaders that "we know where they are." George sits on vast stockpiles of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons and wants to develop new nuclear weapons.  
Saddam had links to the terrorists of al Qaeda. Oh sorry, another misrepresentation. Despite all the pre-war hype about Saddam being in bed with Osama, no connections have ever been found. The Bush family has long had shady business relations with Saudi Arabians, who accounted for most of the 9/11 terrorists and much of their funding. The bin Laden family invested in George's Arbusto Energy company, and George allowed a plane full of wealthy Saudis to fly out of the country in the days following the 9/11 attacks at a time when all civilian air traffic was grounded.  
Saddam led his people into self-destructive wars, first with Iran and then with Kuwait. George has led his people into self-destructive wars, first with Afghanistan and then with Iraq.  
The world is a better place now that Saddam is no longer in power. The world will be a better place once George is out of office.  
Not much difference to me either._  
-David Martin
5/7/2004 4:42 PM

That does remind me Dave, I can now add the Baath party to the list which has proven their incompetence in my lifetime.  
1. Communists  
2. Democrats  
3. Republicans  
4. Baathists  
5/7/2004 11:28 PM
Cosmic Cowboy
So what can we conclude from this? Many wrongs make a right? So just because we know that serial killer Jeffery Dahmer killed a few dozen people, then are we able to conclude that a murderer who kills just one person is really not that bad of a guy?  
Gee, Thanks for the perspective.  
5/13/2004 6:49 PM

For what we are paying, we could surely have afforded to create an artificial immersive theme *paradise* to extract information from enemy minds, making them think they had died and gone to heaven without feeling any pain, encouraging them to share glory and join in the sharing of information with the other Islamic jihadist *souls* there who naturally are all our spies.  
Not only that but IIRC it was Sept. 11 or 12, 2001 when I got the idea that the US needed to mobilize for war on terror, I still have not heard a more effective idea than creating a million-spy army and deploying them all full time. That would have probably cost about the same as a fighting force about 1/10 the size, and been more effrective at preventing further terrorist attacks here.  
If the Iraq effort was being led by a proper spy army it would have surely been the spooks who were controlling the prisoners with utmost priority to extract information, and they never would have compromised that by the humiliation & torture we know about now.  
But with the effort spearheaded by a fighting force, the EPW's are treated more like a nuisance rather than the valuable data mine they could be exploited as.  

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