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Re: Three cheers for BS!

8/12/2003 1:47 AM
Craig Re: Three cheers for BS!
"History really proves the existance of God. Gods laws of retribution, the rise and fall of empires because of either rightousness or wickedness, is one of the surest proofs there is the existence of God."  
That was you, John. No caveats letting me know that this was just your little belief - no, you simply claimed it was so.  
This was my response:  
"what is this "proof" of which you so boldly speak?"  
Isn't that substantive enough? Do I need to offer an entire alternative belief system in order to have the question taken seriously? Why? You're the one claiming to know what's up, not me. All I'm doing is challenging you to make good on your assertion. You seem to not be able to do that except by pointing to the old testament & to your own personal vision of history. That is not even flimsy proof, let alone "one of the the surest proofs".  
If you want to speak openly in an public forum, be prepared to be spoken to openly. If you want to use words like proof to describe your interpretation of reality, expect to be challenged, and don't hide behind some notion of being put upon. You are the one who opened your mouth and made a claim. I can't help it if it wasn't true & I won't apologize for using the brain I may/may not know exists to ascertain that you are full of crap when it comes to claiming that History exists ergo God exists.  
8/9/2003 2:02 AM
Never said you were a Darwinist. My reference was to Darwinism in general rather than specifically to your own belief system. If that wasn't clear, then I apologize.
8/8/2003 3:34 PM
steve m
Gnostics (long)
Your idea of God sounds more like a petulant 12-yr-old to me than a deity.  
One of the things I'm interested in is Gnostic Christianity. Some scholars believe that the Gnostics preceded Catholic Christianity. The Gnostics were eventually persecuted out of existence as heretics by the Catholic Church in the 3rd or 4th century A.D. What we know of the Gnostics is generally from their opponents, which is less than complimentary. In fact, everything we know about their beliefs is from the Discovery of the Nag Hammadi library in 1945. Were it not for this discovery, Gnostic thought would have been lost forever.  
One of the divergent beliefs of Gnosticism is that there is something inherently wrong with the world and is a type of hell or at best a prison. The reason for this is that the Gnostics believe that the world was created by a false god, a being who thought he was god, but was not. They call him the Demiurge (half-maker) or Samael (blind god) or Saklas (blind one) or Yaldaboath (god of chaos). He is one and the same as Yaweh/Jehovah of the Hebrews. He is capricious, vicious, vengeful and spiteful, even evil. A casual reading of the Old Testament illustrates this very well. Yaweh/Jehovah is always smiting someone, or destroying something. Hardly the God Who Is Love that Jesus describes in the New Testament.  
On the other hand, the Gnostics believed in the One True God, who never created anything. This is the aforementioned God that Jesus speaks of in the New Testament. He is kind, he loves all, he accepts all and forgives all. He is the Father and not:  
... a petulant 12-yr-old...  
as described in the Old Testament.  
More on this here:  
The above site explains it all better that I can, and has the full text of most of the Nag Hammadi library, including the Gospel of Thomas.  
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