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Palm Pilot useful?

8/17/2004 10:16 PM
Palm Pilot useful?
Anyone use a Palm Pilot or equivalent to store chord progressions and lyrics? I've never wanted one, but recently I've been to jams where we're all so old we can't remember the progressions :o . I've got three binders filled with covers and some stuff on the PC, but it's a hassle to lug around.  
Any advice on what to look at - Palm vs. CE vs. dunno?
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8/17/2004 11:52 PM
Mark Lavelle

I've got a Palm, but I use it almost strictly as a clock + calendar + to-do + phone book.  
Both Palm & CE screens are really too small for your idea, so you'd be copying everything out of it and onto paper anyway. If you're willing to lug a cheap laptop (and plug it in when you get there) it's not much more dinero, and copying or printing becomes optional.  
OTOH, if there's a PC with Palm software and a printer at hand, it could be just the ticket. My bro dreams of some day setting up networked LCD screens all over his studio & piping charts to all of them from his PC...
8/17/2004 11:56 PM
Don Symes

Well, the binders, everyone can read at once. A PDA is really a one-reader-at-a-time thing.  
Cheap to back up and easy (cheap) to replace, too.  
OTOH, I recently got a Treo600 GSM cell phone + PDA + camera that's pretty spiffy ... and just found a GPS attachment for it, completing my desiderata list.
8/18/2004 12:04 AM
I ended up with a free palm pilot after an engineering project involving them. I found it a decent way to collect dust. The screen is far too small for anything other than appointments, phone numbers, adresses, etc. If you want to read any more information than one sentence, it's just too small. It's basically a neat electronic dayplanner, and I never used one of those either. I guess there are some specific add-ons that make them slightly more useful for niche applications, but I haven't developed any desire for this applications either.
8/18/2004 12:10 AM

"I found it a decent way to collect dust."
Exactly why I haven't bought one so far. A typical chord progression (of mine) might look like this:  
Em Bm  
Em Bm  
Em D  
Bm A7  
C Bm  
C D  
Em G A D x4  
Would that show poorly?
8/18/2004 8:39 AM
bob p
i've never found a need for one either. my broker gave me a Palm T3, but i can't find a decent use for it. i think it could become a useful tool if it could link up to your WiFi setup using 802.11, but by requiring a Bluetooth cell phone and airtime for a wireless connection, the PDA is a pretty useless instrument to me. mine will go on eBay shortly.  
one thing that further complicates the picture is that i've already got enough stuff to tote around. when i leave, i have to grab car keys, a cell phone, and maybe a pager. i just don't have enough pockets for a PDA. maybe the guys who design these things wear utility belts or something. :o

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