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DVD capture express, any one tried this?

7/27/2004 4:27 AM
Munk DVD capture express, any one tried this?
I just wanted to ask if any one has tried this box and what they thought of it.  
For those who don't know, this thing connects to your pc and VCR and you can turn those good old VHS tapes into DVD's. You know like those great old rock concerts and such.  
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7/27/2004 4:56 AM
Steve A.

    I tried a few different USB capture boxes and have had the best results with the ADS Instant DVD 2.0.  
    If the one you are referring to is the ADS DVD Express, there have been many reports of those boxes heating up and lossing sync. So I'd recommend paying the extra bucks for the IDVD 2.0  
--Good luck!  
Steve Ahola
7/27/2004 8:46 PM
Steve B.
Ive tried the ADS DVD Express and it works good but does glitch sometimes. When the VHS tapes are in good condition the ADS works well but I wonder how this device compares to the Plextor model capture devices?  
BTW, I've copied some older VHS tapes at least ten years old to the pc and gotten some really good results from this to DVD disk. I really am glad about these devices as I've got old concerts that I did not want to lose.  
Any one have a pre 80s RUSH concert on VHS????
8/2/2004 1:28 PM
I checked out the ADS IDVD 2.0.  
Are you using the Model 702 or the Model 703 ???  
Also, when I try to email you, I get replies from that the user is unknown.
8/3/2004 2:18 AM
Steve A.

    I just checked the box and it is the Model 702.  
    This was the third USB capture box I bought- the first was the TDK IndiCapture box which I decided to return because it would not capture copyrighted/copyprotected video. I was pleased that the Pinnacle Dazzle DVC-150 had no qualms about capturing copyprotected material, but the software was a buggy nightmare and most of my captures had serious sync problems.  
    The ADS Tech Instant DVD 2.0 has worked great for me (I had looked at the DVD Express which was $50 cheaper but spent the extra money for the added software.) As for the DVD Express there have been many reports of it overheating, although ADS insists that there is no problem. Some people will open it up and run a fan over to keep it cooler.  
    I don't have the chip numbers handy, but both of these boxes from ADS use the same encoder/decoder chips as the standalone DVD recorders.  
Steve Ahola

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