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MS Word 2000 Madness - help!

7/1/2004 2:21 PM
Rob Mercure
MS Word 2000 Madness - help!
Howdy Folks,  
I've got a street legal copy of MS Office 2000 - upgraded from 98 - which worked well until about a month ago. The only programs I use are Word and Excel - Excel is still as functional as ever - but Word has done something weird. I've only slightly customized the program so for all practical purposes it had(s) all of the various feature buttons along the top in three rows. Now for some bizarre reason I've lost all of these including the stuff that doesn't "collapse" such as "file," "edit" etc., etc.  
There seems to be no way to get these back - I've even reinstalled the program but no matter what I do it comes out missing the funtions. Which leads me to believe that some utility/facility/function/wizard/whatever unnecessary MS Baggage has been inadvertently activated. But, since I can't get into the "file - et al" functions I can't check it out and correct it.  
Since I was on the road a bit and camping I "worked around" the problem by copying parts of documents - electonics repair invoices - into my e-mail program (Mozilla) and printing them - I can't access the print functions in Word. To save documents I closed them and got the "do you want to save the changes message" which gave me that option.  
Has anyone else had this problem and can anyone steer me to a solution? Again, I can't access those parts of Word that let you customize or set options.  
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7/1/2004 3:24 PM

Shot in the dark.  
I know that the menu that has file, edit, view and so forth is detachable and movable. Have you looked around for it? I suppose that sounds dumb but I've been dumber. I tried to make it disappear altogether by useing customize options for the toolbar but that is not possible on my install. There are two service packs for word 2000. Try downloading them from
7/1/2004 4:18 PM

Another shot in the dark kind of like what Earl is suggesting;  
maybe the toolbars and menus are like on MSIE where you can take the 3 levels of menus, tools, and address bar and *compress* them into just one bar across the top of the screen. Using the same type of mouse cursor you get when you point to a frame dividing line before you re-proportion the left & right frame viewing windows. On the toolbar you lose the visibility of some options this way. Plus you can probably drag the toolbar to a side or bottom of the screen instead of the top, maybe the menu can be dragged separately from the tools, and it autohides? You might try dragging the lower taskbar or status bar upwards to see if there is anything hiding behind them. Or lurking off-screen to stage left or stage right :)  
Or it just could be on the *view* menu where you can select the toolbar properties or options.  
Also, the keyboard shortcuts are supposed to be helpful if you know the ones for the application, not me except since DOS the File select is supposed to come up just by pushing ALT one time, then use the down-arrow to see the drop-down menu and move to where you get New, Open, Save, Save As, Print, etc.  
So after pushing ALT then the word File should be highlighted, then the right-arrow to select *across* the bar gives you the following items whose menus you then drop down using the down-arrow:  
Edit, View, Favorites, Tools, at least in MSIE but that should work the same in Word with the choices which are supposed to be at the top there also.  
I'm sticking with Office 97, what was supposed to be the benefit by changing to Office 2000? Does Excel 2000 still have its macros based on Visual Basic or what?  
Anyway, sometimes I don't know if its a flashing cursor or a cursing flasher ;)  
7/2/2004 11:42 AM
Rob Mercure

Thanks for replies - but no, I haven't "lost" the missing options by sliding them to one side or the oher = I can't "grab" any margin/border and shift it to recover the hidden buttons behind it. Nice try though.  
And I get no response from the Alt key - nor the Shift or Control nor any combination of these and mouse buttons. The only thing I get is a Font, Paragraph, Bullets Numbering, Define, Hyperlink, Synonyms menu on a right mouse click.  
Still need help!!!  

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