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floyd rose on, interesting article

6/30/2004 7:00 PM
giustd floyd rose on, interesting article
He comes across as a pretty humble guy, just a regular non-engineer musician who stumbled across a good idea for making his guitar stay in tune. His timing was lucky too, he didn't even have to advertise with EVH talking about it in magazines.  
I never owned a floyd equipped guitar, even in the 80s (I had a kahler on two different guitars, worked pretty well and felt more like a regular strat to my hands), but apparently they still sell and he has other new ideas and products coming out.  
Nice to see a diy guy who actually made a living at it and is still pretty grounded. Recommended reading @
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7/3/2004 6:06 PM
I've played FR tremelo equiped guitars and never liked them from a feel standpoint. But some people like them.

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