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Making movie soundtracks

5/9/2004 8:22 PM
Steve A.
Making movie soundtracks
    I figured that with the multiple audio tracks available on DVD's it would be great if they included one that was strictly dialog and sound effects, but without the musical soundtrack so that we could make our own. Alas, the powers that be in Hollywood have not seen such a need so AFAIK no movies have been released like that.  
    However, there is one source available to us: old movies! The original Frankenstein and Dracula movies were made in 1931 and it wasn't until the next year that someone decided to add scored soundtracks to movies. ("Frankenstein" did have musical themes played behind the opening and closing credits, but no score throughout the actual movie.)  
    It just so happens that Universal has reissued 14 of the Frankenstein, Dracula and Wolfman movies in 3 double box sets (in conjunction with the new "Van Helsing" movie). So if any adventurous soul wants to create a scored soundtrack for Frankenstein or Dracula, go for it! (BTW the Dracula set includes a version with a string section scored by Phillip Glass that greatly improves that movie IMO.)  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. Universal is to be commended for including many of the sequels as bonus features... hopefully they will decide to add The Mummy and the Invisible Man to this series later!
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5/11/2004 3:41 AM
Mark Lavelle
Cool idea!  
Some of the best fun I had in college was in an electronic music class. For my big project I did a soundtrack for a friend's movie (that *he* did as a project for his film class). All I had to work with was a modular ARP synth and a 4-track deck, but it was the most fun I ever had composing music...

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