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Re: You hate your Gibson SG because:

2/13/2004 5:38 PM
Ben N
Re: You hate your Gibson SG because:
Actually, strictly speaking that famously painted axe was called a Les Paul, I think a 1960, although the body shape was what Gibson later redubbed the SG. I don't know if the body was, say, any thicker than the later SGs, but I'm pretty sure it was all mahogany (dunno how many pieces), no maple cap, and contoured, like later SGs.  
Maybe EC also used newer SGs, but that is the one everyone associates with Cream.  
Just pointing this out, Trace. AFAIAC, your point is perfectly valid. EC himself has done the "woman tone" thing plenty with a Strat, I'm sure (Wonderful Tonight?).  
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2/14/2004 4:49 AM
Steve A.

You can arguably do it with any guitar you want (with the treble rolled off they all get to sound a lot alike!)  
    Well, with a larger value tone cap you just get mud when you roll off the tone control. At least according to Dan Torres, the famous "woman tone" is from a 0.015uF/630v polyester tone cap. With that value you can back it off completely and still have some definition to your sound. So I usually use a tone cap like that with my humbuckers.  
    With a strat some people use a 0.012 or 0.01uF cap to get a similar sound.  
Steve Ahola
2/13/2004 5:04 PM
Ben N

OK, well it's been about 20 years since I sold my one and only SG, a 3-pickup Custom, but here goes:  
1. Because the neck was so thin, and the neck joint so flimsy, that I couldn't play the damned thing in tune, and I couldn't put 11s on it.  
2. Because I couldn't bend a lick on those flat, flat frets.  
3. Because it was neck-heavy, so the good wieght was offset by having to worry about the headstock hitting the floor if I let go of the neck.  
4. Because the sound was noticeably thin compared to an LP (although this was sometimes a good thing), and didn't quite give that ringing sustain.  
the action was effin' amazing, and the pickups were the best I ever had. The controls also worked very well. Still, the only way I'm going back is if I come across a nice buy on one with P90s and a good, solid neck.  
2/13/2004 6:31 PM

What you are looking for is a double cut LP special. I have a single cut '57 and it screams.
2/13/2004 6:58 PM
Ben N

Well, not exactly looking, but that's about right, except that the original inspiration is the SGs that Townshend played circa Live at Leeds.

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