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Re: You hate your Gibson SG because:

1/22/2004 5:48 PM
Re: You hate your Gibson SG because:
If you find yourself struggling to keep the neck of a Les Paul from pointing down, you can forget about an SG. The neck goes down, and the front on the body faces down - especially on a long strap. It's like there's not enough guitar there to stay put, and the placement of the front strap button - ugh!  
PS: Mine does sound great, but keeping it in tune, with that Bigbsy and oddball, '70s TOM (no relation) type bridge that floats all over the place - ugh! again!
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1/20/2004 5:12 PM

I hate one thing about my Faded SG: those horrid moon inlays! That's about it, I love everything else about it though. It has a big fat neck and stays in tune really well. Sounds great too; the only guitar I have owned in which I don't want to change the stock pickups. I like it better than other SG's I've owned in the past (several sixties Juniors and Specials, and an SGII).
1/21/2004 6:30 AM
bob p
is it just me, or does weight seem to be an unnecessarily big consideration for guitarists? i grew up as a bass player, and i've never thought of LPs as being heavy. maybe its just that having started off on the bass, i think of guitars like the SG as being light, where the weight of an LP just seems "normal".  
regarding the LP vs. SG topic, personally i find that the bigger consideration when comparing an LP to an SG for playability occurs at the neck joint, not at the nut. i love an LP, but i just can't get used to the SG's cutaway being next to the wrong frets!
1/21/2004 6:35 PM

"is it just me, or does weight seem to be an unnecessarily big consideration for guitarists?"
I used to think that people whining about their backs were cranky old hypocondriacs...until I screwed up my upper back about 10 years ago. I'm guessing you haven't got back problems. I shifted to light weight Fenders because of it.  
My absolutely favorite playing guitar is a Yamaha SG-2100 that weighs something ungodly. Great upper fret access too. Mostly I don't play it, and when I do, I sit. I don't quite get your comments on the neck joint on an SG. With a Les Paul being so thick and a single cut, I find them much harder to play up the neck. An SG or Firebird is easiest.
1/22/2004 6:38 AM
bob p
my point wasn't intended to say that an LP is easier to play than an SG or vise versa. my only point in regard to the LP/SG neck joint is that the two guitars feel so different that i find it difficult to go back and forth between them. i'm used to an LP, and i tend to get lost on the upper registers of and Sg because its more open and there's not as much tactile feedback up there as there is on an LP. this seems to be a pretty common complaint among guys who mostly play LPs and don't play SGs too often -- at least among those of us who play LPs poorly. ;)  
regarding the weight issue, i understand that an LP can get heavy if you're playing a long set all night long, especially if you're in a situation where you have to play standing. i've got back problems too, and i can relate to the weight issue. one thing i've noticed though, is that the weight of an LP vs. a fender seems to be a pretty common complaint among guitarists, while i don't seem to notice the complaints as much among bass players, who seem to be resigned to even heavier weights and just seem to accept it. maybe they're just more stoic about it. maybe they've just never enjoyed a light weight alternative like a light weight fender guitar, and they don't know what they're missing!
1/21/2004 8:45 PM
Carl S.

Frank -  
I saw in some other post you were also considering a G&L. I continue to be impressed by their build quality. I have a 97 Legacy I custom ordered. Couldn't beat the tone or playability for a strat, and then the price was the winner.  
Check out where the G&L junkies hang out.
1/22/2004 9:53 PM
Frank De Salvo

Thanks for the suggestion, Carl. I feel right at home on that message board! :D  

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