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9/12/2004 1:40 PM
James Almasi Pickups
Just stumbled on this message board this morning while trying to research some pickups. I'm looking for a set of two higher end humbuckers. I've tried Duncan's and Dimarzio's and have thus far been unimpressed. Does anyone here have any suggestions? Thanks.
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9/12/2004 5:30 PM
Kyle Cavanaugh

Well, you could learn to make your own... *wink wink, nudge nudge*
9/12/2004 7:19 PM
James Almasi
Heh. Right. With all that extra time I have. :)
9/13/2004 3:02 PM
Mark Hammer

1) ANY pickup, no matter how how quality it may be, will require being set up properly. That means spacing it from the strings at an appropriate distance, and use of a pot value that complements it.  
2) ANY pickup, no matter how optimally it has been installed, will only sound as good as the system/signal-chain following it permits it to sound. In many instances, limits to the high-end response of a signal chain will obscure a lot of the individual character of a pickup.  
Though I'm a staunch defender of the pleasure and adventure to be had in making one's own pickups, I will simply note that the number of people who are REALLY pleased with many of the units produced by the companies you mention (and that is a pretty broad tonal range if you ask me), is too large for one to suggest that they simply don't make anything that might satisfy you tonally. Before you drive yourself nuts searching for the glasses that may well be on top of your head, verify that your instrument has been set up and is wired in a manner that brings out the best in what you have. You'd be surprised at what a difference simply raising or lowering a pickup can make on the tonal quality.  
You're in the right placer for solid advice, though. Welcome on board.
10/4/2004 4:51 PM
luke skywalker
May the pickup force be with you!
9/17/2004 11:09 PM
Stefan Price

Hi James. The best pickups availible as far as I am concerned are bareknuckle pickups, I have tried Duncans,Rio Grandes,Lindy Fralin, Fender ect. and I say the bareknuckle are the best.

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