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Re: Epiphone opinions

2/24/2004 6:56 PM
Chris B Re: Epiphone opinions
I seem to remember them being larger sized, not like a Strat's frets.
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2/25/2004 2:34 AM
Justin Thomas

I would never buy a guitar online without hearing it first and checking it out. Although Musician's Fiend may have a decent return policy and all that, it's a pain in the ass to have to do all that shipping if you don't like it, whatever. And in my efforts of guitar buying, the money I'd save with MF is MORE than made up for in customer support and rapport with the local salespeople. Buy one thing, they usually give me a discount for life. Plus, I just support mom&pop stores whenever possible. Down with Corporate Music stores! Just my two cents. Justin.
2/25/2004 3:41 AM
Steve A.

Justin said:  
I would never buy a guitar online without hearing it first and checking it out.  
    I always thought that, too, but when MF was selling the discontinued Gibson LP Jr's for $499, I had to have one... :D  
    One of the local used music stores was selling a late 90's LP Jr for $700... and the finish was screwed up really bad where it had been resting on a guitar stand (the black rubber actually melted into the nitro finish both on the neck and the body... :( )  
    I think if you want a new LP Jr now you have to buy one of the historic reissues for ~$1750 MSRP.  
    I try to give the local stores plenty of business but then again GC will give me a cash refund if I bring something back within 30 days...  
Steve Ahola
2/26/2004 1:20 PM
I think I would look around locally first, and play one, then buy from whoever had the best price.
3/14/2004 6:53 PM
Steve L

I own a couple of Epi's, and I will tell you that they make nice stuff. I have the '56 Goldtop RI, which has P90's, and I am really glad I didn't spend $3000 for a Gibson (not that it was an option). I own a few Gibson's too, and they are really nice, don't get me wrong. But for the money, Epi's rule.  
My son has a lefty version of the Standard - gorgeous wood and finish.  
So, $350 for a Studio is a good deal, but $500 for a Standard might be a better one - if you like the cosmetics. Just make sure you get one with Grovers. The Kluson style tuners that Epi installs are crap. My local Guitar Center has been carrying a lot of Epi's with Grovers lately though - they would be awesome.
3/15/2004 12:19 AM
Steve A.

Steve L said:  
I own a couple of Epi's, and I will tell you that they make nice stuff.  
    I think that if you stick with the Epis that retail for $800+ you can get a really nice guitar. Almost as nice as the Epi Elites which sell for a lot more (even more than some stripped down Gibson models).  
    But I think that Epiphone allowed GC to ruin their good name by supplying them with cheap crap that was sold for $99 to $179. I bet that there are a lot of younger players who bought one of those and will never buy another Epi as long as they live. GC has since moved on to other brand names to ruin with their $99 to $179 specials.  
    The way I heard it, GC asked Epiphone to make guitars for them with a real Gibson headstock and they said "No f*cking way!" (Since Gibson owns Epiphone that would be legal, but incredibly stupid.)  
Steve Ahola
2/29/2004 8:53 PM
Jack Hoff
Is it a flat top? I can't tell.

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