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Epiphone opinions

2/11/2004 2:22 AM
Cheapskate Epiphone opinions
Has anyone played or bought one of these?  
They look good, and I wouldn't mind having a Les Paul style guitar, but I am too cheap/broke for a Gibson.  
This one looks like a good deal for what it is.
2/11/2004 4:41 PM

Made by Samick. You might take a look at one of those as well.
2/11/2004 6:54 PM
Mark W.
Or better yet, have you played an ESP LTD lately?. The EC300 which are still around but a discontinued model are as nice a guitar as you will ever play. They are cheap enough to be able to replace any hardware/PU's and still be in the EPI cost bracket if one wanted to. That said, I find the lot of Epiphone LP's in the Seattle area to be very consistant and wouldn't mind owning one myself. I'd own one of those before I sprang for a Gibson, actually. Try to keep the weight down around 8.5 lbs. if you can.  
2/13/2004 5:38 AM
Steve A.

    Well, I was impressed with one of these at the local Mom'n'Pop store:  
    From the Gibson/Epiphone site:  
    With Epi's the really nice ones usually sell fast so that all that is left on the sales floor are the "dogs" that no one wants. :( You might want to find out what MF's policy is if the guitar you receive is crappy (but with no visible flaws or defects). I dealt with them once and was very happy with the guitar so I didn't have to exchange it...  
    For the same price as one of those guitars in any finish besides ebony this one looks very promising (with the Gibson-designed humbuckers):  
    Just my 2 cents worth but I think you'd be better off coughing up an extra $150 for the first guitar (in ebony) or $200 for the second guitar.  
    If you do want a stripped down guitar you might want to look into the Gibson LP Specials:  
    Hmmm... MF and GC were discounting some of those guitars to under $500 about a year ago but I didn't see them listed at that price anymore. :( Maybe some of them ended up on ebay...  
--Good luck and happy hunting!  
Steve Ahola
2/21/2004 11:24 PM
I am torn, between buying the Epi Les Paul studio, and building something similar from warmouth parts.  
I suppose it would be cheaper, and I'd have a set-neck guitar, if I went with the Epi.....  
I wonder, do they sell a set neck kit, or parts....?
2/24/2004 6:09 AM
Chris B
I loved the Epi LP Studio I played. As good as any other LP, IMO. Of course, I'm not all that hard to please... :)  
Chris B
2/24/2004 4:29 PM
I think I will go and try one.  
How big are the frets? I hate small frets.

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