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first truss rod install

10/16/2003 9:18 PM
Sean K
first truss rod install
So yesterday I put in a truss rod,first one,on a neck I built and realised thats its a good idea to do the truss rod first and then shape the neck!Its just that the carving up and shaping is my favourite bit.Anyways,first I cut two profiles for the router to follow then nailed them,with tiny 10mm nails,to the top of the neck and then built a side bar to keep things going in a straight line.First thing I realised is that the idea is to design you profile of cut at its bottom then back off the depth from bottom of cut to bottom of router and make that the profile to follow,which I didn't do,as this will be the radius you require.First I cut a 10mm wide squared of groove,as my small round bit had a thicker shank than the head and would only do a shallow cut befor the shank would get in the way.Next I cut the actual round channel in the bottom to half its diameter.That was the neck cutting finished and I started on the fillet to sit over the rod and this was just a matter of tracing out the profile,plus depth of cut,and then I set up the router upside down in the vise and G clapped a guard to the top and cut the other half of the round channel into the bottom of the fillet.  
Then I got some 5mm rod and cut a 5 x 0.8mm thread into it then turned it end for end and drilled a hole into it to accept a stainless stell concrete nail.Once the rode was in the neck I hammered in the nail into the heal the glued the whole thing up.Actually quite simple though I'll be more careful next time and make my jigs more lasting than soft thin pine.Now I gotta tackle doing my own fret install.Maybe in a few years I'll even do an acoustic guitar body so by the time I'm retirement age I could work as a luthier!
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