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Re: neck too thin on Gibson SG.

9/23/2003 3:23 AM
Major Pain Re: neck too thin on Gibson SG.
Im not sure if the trussrod is removable in the SG.  
Ive never seen a removable TR in a SG, I have pulled trussrods out of certain Kramer pacer necks. generaly the truss nut hole location would be square that is an indication the TR is removable. If the hole is round then probably no dice.  
IS a major problem (indeed, pain :) )  
Well you might want to take the guitar to a reputable tech with lotsa lots of years experience and see if there are any tricks of the trade that might be done that can fix this. Ive not seen any but that doesn't mean they don't exsist.....  
Tony Iommi from Sabbath complained that his old SG had the exact problem so he had an SG built to his specs to replace it. Cool looking too with the silver cross inlays on the fretboard.  
Dan Erlewine from the GP repair column might have a  
good suggestion, Write him care of GP via email and see if you get a responce.  
When you have a few minutes to spare go to your local guitar center and try one of the faded SG guitars, just remember they have 10 gauge on them and the strings are not streched out. Try one to see if you like the tone. I was suprised that the one I bought had so a great tone. Cheap cost too.  
just make sure to try it on a good TUBE amp......  
M.P. 8^/  
P,S, isn't there any other techs that care to chime in with any other advice?????
9/24/2003 1:21 PM
yesault thicker fretboard
hi again,  
I was thinking... what about a thicker fret board? that would make a differnce, wouldnt it? maybe some maple between the actual neck and the fretboard (like a fretboard underneith the rosewood fretboard)(only less thick). Or maybe a 'slat' of carbon fiber sandwiched between the board and the neck.  
It would make it thisck, thus less flexible.  
I know it would be a big job, but I am game  
Do you think this would work?  
thanks again,  
9/24/2003 6:32 PM

I agree with Steve, this can be one of the more desirable features of an SG. My '72 trembles easily and naturally at the neck and is much better without the bigsby than it was originally with it. Of course no whammy action but for true vibrato it is superior.  
Took me until about '82 to gain enough control to where I could play in tune as well as on a LP. The tone was good the whole time so it was more pleasure than pain. By then I had the '81 SG with the ebony fretboard. That one is almost as solid as a LP. I bet you would see some increased stiffness replacing the rosewood board with a thicker one in ebony.  
Maybe not though. I think the neck joint where the heel is glued to the body can remain unflexed while the body itself can undergo tortion due to the thin wood structure remaining after the neck PU hole is routed and there is obviously no support from the sides with the full double cutaway like that.  
Couple weeks ago I set up a '97 SG-X (or SG-1?) having the single bridge humbucker (plus coil tap switch) for a local player. He got it just over $500 in near-mint shape, but looking at the faded one like Maj. Pain has they would be a better deal for me, I would prefer both pickups. The single pickup model has a lot stiffer neck joint though.  
9/25/2003 12:37 AM
Major Pain Re: Great Ebay auction deals
Hey Mike,  
The faded SG I got was on a Ebay auction from Interstate music for $505.00 with a gig bag  
and no tax with a $25.00 shipping  
so I have %530.00 total in it and its awesome.  
I got the faded brown instead of the cherry and it looks killer.  
try this auction list as there are some really good prices especially the gibson ES135 with case,  
M.P. 8^/
9/25/2003 12:45 AM
yesault Re: thicker fretboard
THanks man,  
the ebony board sounds like a good idea, its just the rosewood is an especially nice piece (lots of dark/light contrast. The neck pickup cavity has been reinforced with timber to stop it moving. To test this, i put the guitar on the table (no strings) and put a spirit level across the fret board. Pulling the headstock down raised the bar, and pulling the headstock up made it convex.the neck joint did not move (i tried to move the neck from the joint, but it was solid)  
I love the guitar, but it just trembles too easily.  
dont know what else can be done  
9/26/2003 12:45 PM

Just wanted to chime in on the floppy SG issue. I have one of the Faded SG's, it has the combination of a very thick neck, thick ebony fingerboard, and a redesigned neck joint with more wood than a sixties SG. It is extremely stable, no tuning problems at all. You can really sling it around and the tuning does not shift. Much better than other SG's I have owned in the past.
10/7/2003 9:10 PM
Bryan James

I got to agree with mike here, I would recommend changeing anything. But after all it's your instrument so were not going to hunt you down and stop you. yet ;)  
try what steve said with 9's instead of 11 that will change the tension on the neck.  
also like mike also noted, this simptom your describing is sought after by alot and is will noted with early SG. watch the Who's live at the island of white. you'll see pete take advantage of this a number of times during the show.  

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