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PV 5150II schem

6/5/2004 5:05 AM
Stevie L.
PV 5150II schem
Not to add to the mass of Peavey messages, but does anyone have a schematic for the 5150 II amp? A local player says his crunch channel is sounding a little funky and I'm not the most intuitive repair guy. Peavey will sell me one, but...  
Any help is greatly appreciated.
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6/7/2004 3:53 AM

Y'know, Peavey only wants $2.50 for the several 11x17 pages including the parts layouts. Try making those copies, buy an envelope and add postage with a $2.50 budget. That is darn cheap.  
If you can't get them to email the pdf, how cheap do you need to be? I know on my computer I can't print 11x17, so those large drawings come out tiny from the pdf.
6/7/2004 6:06 AM
Stevie L.

Point taken. As it is, I ordered the schematics from Peavey. I have a bit of an issue with the service dept, though. The reason I got into fixing stuff was because Peavey support was uncooperative on a couple of occasions. Not to dis the company too much, but they have been kinda shoddy as far as support. I'm not expecting the info anytime soon...  
Thanks for your reply.  
6/7/2004 11:24 PM

Sorry you had a bad experience. I work on most brands of amps, and my shop is authorized by many brands. My experience is that Peavey is the most supportive factory out there. The parts folks maaintain parts for amps decades pld and they know what you want, you don't have to come up with part numbers. When they say they will return your call, they do. I know some of those guys in customer support pretty well, and they bend over backwards to help the customer. If you ordered the drawing from Parts, it ought to show up soon.  
And certainly Max in Peavey's repair forum is willing to help anyone with their repairs.

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