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Web Site Done!

3/15/2002 5:48 PM
Web Site Done!
The website Glen's Guitar Ads was recently finished. This amp and guitar site features items that are on sale. The selection is not huge, however, because of the nature of these items. They are hand selected as the best deals on the web! Almost all of the inventory is 30% off, and most of the items are more. Some are even up to 70% off! Brands include: Fender, Marshall, Epiphone, Gibson, Peavy, Crate, and much more.  
Just go to
3/15/2002 9:06 PM
Ross M.

Cool, now I don't have to dig through the ads to find a decent deal. Those Rogue amps, though, are cheaply made and most of the reviews on harmony central state something was wrong with theirs. In that respect, I don't know if they are "that" good of a deal.
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